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Realization PC tailored turnkey

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Apple

Setting and supply for PC use

  • Setting Internet
  • Internet Explorer-Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Chrome
  • E-mail
  • Graphics programs
  • Specific programs
  • Installing printers
  • Antivirus


  • Accommodation hardware and software installation at the customer
  • Accommodation hardware and software installation at the laboratory
  • assistance on call
  • service contracts 24h/7g

Support hardware / software:


Installation networks

wired networks (100mhz and 1 Ghz)

  • Step cable and conduit mounting
  • Mounting hubs and switches
  • Adaptation of the different Pc or different devices to the network

wireless networks (11 MHz, 56 MHz, 110 MHz and 300 MHz to 2.5 GHz and 5)

  • Installation Access Point
  • Installation Repeater
  • Installation bridge
  • Mounting antennas for remote connections


  • Router Installation and Programming
  • Installation and programming network firewall
  • Supply Internet connectivity

Type of connection:

  • ADSL (where present)
  • HDSL (form of connectivity to both upload and download that you can take where there is normally your phone and allows you to connect multiple users)
  • UMTS (connectivity that makes use of mobile telephony and which can be provided where there is no fixed telephone)

assistance and installation

  • Installation and connection ADSL and HDSL router
  • Installation and connection Wireless
  • Installation and connection UMTS connection where you can not be reached by phone or DSL
  • UMTS signal amplification if weak
  • Assembly and Installation sistems satellite TOOWAY

Web Design


  • Specific graphics
  • Creation of HTML pages with navigation menus
  • Photos
  • Setting for the presence in the search engines


  • Specific graphics that makes use of flash animation
  • Creation of interactive pages with navigation menus
  • Photographs and virtual tours
  • movies
  • Setting for the presence in the search engines


  • Realization dynamic pages ASP and PHP
  • Database management SQL, MySQL, Oracle …
  • Implementing secure payment systems credit card
  • Setting for the presence in the search engines
  • Pages HTTS encrypted and certified for maximum safety
  • Warranty or sites
  • Ashmultimedia as maintainer ensures server certificates connected to the internet with fiber optic 10Mbs of bandwidth
  • Domains of each type: it, com, net, org, eu, tv …
  • Hundreds of sites created (at least 100 sites in the Aeolian Islands)
  • 400,000 unique users recorded every 6 months
  • Become a Client Eolnet means to enter the site with a link to Eolnet ( and immediately get an immediate visibility
  • Positioning in search engines (SEO Search Engine Optimizer)

Improve your ranking in major search engines

  • Sitemap creation of the site and its publication for hooking in the main robot
  • Implementation of appropriate landing pages (landing pages) that allow an increase in the visibility and improve the position on the search engines for specific words (keywords)
  • Optimization of the site to facilitate the presence in the search engines (definition keywords)
  • Campaigns pay per click engines in different
  • Creation of link exchange campaigns and banner
  • Realization banner ads
  • Realization entries in the main directory

Big advantage:

  • This operation is carried out in collaboration exclusive Eolnet Aeolian Islands with Netpointers company of the first magnitude in Europe and the world that makes use of systems and algorithms very reserved designed by the University of Copenhagen

Hot Spot

Creating access points that users can be connected either directly or via password

Hot Spot

  • Mounting Access Point that serves as a hot spot
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Supply username and password with which users can connect to the internet (if these data can be received via mobile phone)
  • Software for user authentication to comply with the Anti-Terrorism Act (Law Pisanu)
  • WebCam (cameras and video surveillance)

Service webcam connected to the Internet (network webcam)

Web Cam video surveillance (DSL)

  • Realization Network webcam (Up to 32 on a single router)
  • Mounting webcam with possibility of moving to 180 °) and the Local Area Connection
  • Sending webcam image on the Internet to see them all over the world and eventually be informed (via sms or mms) if something happens
  • Activate video recording software on any computer and a memory card
  • Activation standard positions to be observed
  • Management sensitivity alarms

Web Cam video surveillance (UMTS)

  • ADSL is used as a webcam but UMTS connectivity where there is no type of internet
  • UMTS router connection and its programming

Web cam or visibility own structure

  • A system that allows you to have the webcam visible on your site
  • Systems and services similar to what has been said previously
  • Adopt a webcam (install a webcam that allows you to show the characteristic points of the islands. This will be the advertising company which adopted
  • Services Restaurants


  • System for the orders directly from the table and without purchase of PC

We also provide, through the use of top-level professionals:

  • Translations (English, French, German, Serbo Croatian, Riusso, …)
  • Movies and advertising photo shoots
  • Realization brochures and posters
  • Press (we have in our staff journalists and publicists qualified) to monitor events and send information to the places “that count”